Aesthetic Courses
Our qualified specialists teach all the necessary skills in aesthetic cosmetology.
Choose the course that interests you the most.
Training for Everyone at Beauty Clinic V
Discover a wide range of aesthetic courses at VVV Beauty Clinic, where we can help you master the art of dermal fillers or achieve flawless body contouring.
Our training is open to students from diverse backgrounds, professions, and experience levels, welcoming both medics and non-medics who share a passion for aesthetics.
Each course includes essential components such as practical training, advanced theory sessions, e-learning modules, complication management, anatomy training, advanced aftercare support, and rigorous clinical oversight. We also provide access to a qualified prescriber list.
Choose from a variety of courses, including starting routes, progression courses, and advanced options, all designed to empower you in the world of aesthetics at VVV Beauty Clinic.
Phlebotomy and PRP course

Collagen induction therapy course

Lumi eyes course

Microdermabrasion course

Chemical peels course

Dermal filler foundation course

Course mesothreads lifting - skin rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Buttock Augmentation with Filler (BBL) Course

Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation with Fillers Course

The Fundamentals of Facial Botox Course

Intimate Contouring with Fillers Course

Fat Dissolving Course

Breast Lift with Threads Course

Skin Rejuvenation Course

Mesotherapy - Biorevitalization Course

Fibroblast Treatment Course

RF Treatments Course

Radiesse Course

Mono Thread for Body Course

Mono Thread for Face Course

Cog Threads Course

Non-surgical Filler Rhinoplasty Course

Foundation Toxin Course

IV Vitamin Drip Therapy Course

Cellulite Removal and StrikeCell Course

8-Point Face Lift Using Dermal Fillers Course

Earlobe Rejuvenation Using Dermal Fillers Course

Glutathione Injections Course

Brow Lift Course

Dermaplaning Course

Sclerotherapy Course

Russian Lips Course